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Strategic Realty Trust (“SRT”) is a Real Estate Investment Trust focused on owning High Quality West Coast Urban and Street Retail Properties.

The Company’s Strategy is to:
  • Build a core portfolio of high quality urban and street retail properties with solid growth prospects, strong cash flows and visible value appreciation characteristics.
  • Coupled with a complimentary value-add joint venture platform to provide higher returns and to create scale for the Company.

The Company is advised by SRT Advisor, LLC, an affiliate of PUR SRT Advisors, LLC and L3 Capital, LLC ("L3 Capital"). L3 Capital is a best-in-class, boutique, prime urban retail and mixed-use real estate investment and development company that targets institutional quality, core plus, and value-add urban retail investments within first tier metropolitan markets. For more information you may visit L3 Capital's website at

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    Transfer Agent:
    Strategic Realty Trust, Inc.
    c/o Phoenix American Financial Services
    PO Box 2189
    San Rafael, CA 94912-2189
    Phone: 855-306-1776

    Fax: 415-485-4553

    Death and Disability Redemption Plan - Currently Suspended

    Strategic Realty Trust, Inc. (the “Company”) previously had a share redemption program that provided limited liquidity to its stockholders. The Company suspended its share redemption program effective as of January 15, 2013. During the years ended December 31, 2014 and 2013, the Company did not redeem any shares under the share redemption program.

    On April 1, 2015 (Currently Suspended), the board of directors of the Company approved the reinstatement of the share redemption program as relates to death and disability redemption requests and adopted an Amended and Restated Share Redemption Program. Under the Amended and Restated SRP, the redemption price for shares that are redeemed due to the death or disability of a stockholder is 100% of the Company’s most recent estimated value per share as of the applicable redemption date, and the Amended and Restated SRP limits redemptions upon the death of a stockholder to $2,000,000 and redemptions upon the disability of a stockholder to $1,000,000. A redemption request must be made within one year after the stockholder’s death or disability.

    The Amended and Restated SRP provides that any request to redeem less than $5,000 worth of shares will be treated as a request to redeem all of the stockholder’s shares. If the Company cannot honor all redemption requests received in a given quarter, all requests, including death and disability redemptions, will be honored on a pro rata basis. If the Company does not completely satisfy a redemption request in one quarter, it will treat the unsatisfied portion as a request for redemption in the next quarter when funds are available for redemption, unless the request is withdrawn. The Company may increase or decrease the amount of funding available for redemptions under the Amended and Restated SRP on ten business days’ notice to the Company’s stockholders. Shares submitted for redemption during any quarter will be redeemed by the Company on the penultimate business day of such quarter. The record date for the Company’s quarterly distributions has historically been and is expected to continue to be the last business day of each quarter; therefore, shares that are redeemed during any quarter are expected to be redeemed prior to the record date and thus would not be eligible to receive the distribution declared for such quarter.


    Death and Disability Plan Summary
    Redemption Form – Death
    Redemption Form – Disability


    Strategic Realty Trust, Inc.
    c/o PUR SRT Advisors LLC
    1 S Wacker Dr.
    Suite 3210
    Chicago, IL 60606